Greetings to you. Thank you for visiting Where’s Dodger.

I am glad you stopped by my website. I am lucky to be able to travel around our great country. I have been able to see many wonderful places.  I learn about each place I visit. I thought it would be a good idea to share what I learn with my friends like you. My travel buddy is Derek, a professional photographer. He takes awesome photos of all the great places we go. We can share them with you here on this website.  We post as often as we can so you are able read about our travels.

Why do we travel?

Many of the places we visit are historic places. These places tell the story of  America. We both love to learn about history, geography, and geology. By traveling around the country, we can meet new and exciting people. We hear fascinating stories about the places we visit.
Besides historic places, we love to see the landscape of the United States. Derek makes us stop at every National Park we drive by.  He spends time taking beautiful photographs of Nature and Wildlife.

Hope you like reading about our travels. Please leave a comment if you like.

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