Go North, Young Truck

Derek and I are getting ready to head up North to Maine for a wedding. Along the way, we will visit several American Revolution sites. We will see battle sites and important places that helped shape America. Our goal is to visit Places like Washington D.C., Yorktown, New York City, and Philadelphia. But I know we will see a lot more than just those cities.


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Visiting the battlefield at Ninety-Six, SC.


We drove in the town of Ninety-Six. This was an important outpost during the War of Independence. In fact, this town was the site of two battles. One in 1776 and the other in 1781.


Here I am next to a turkey. This is Edgefield, SC, home of the National Turkey Association.  Pensacola, Florida has pelican statues all over the city, here in Edgefield, they have turkeys.