Pensacola..What’s Up

Today Derek and I rode around Pensacola, Florida. We live here, yet we have not looked around at what wonderful historic places we here in town. There are several landmarks that are uniquely Pensacola. Here are just a few.

Graffiti bridge is a popular landmark in Pensacola, FL. Almost every day this train trestle is painted by Pensacolians’ that have something to say. Now, I will tell you that painting graffiti on public land is usually a bad thing to do. However, here on this bridge, the police don’t mind.


The statue of Don Tristan de Luna in downtown Pensacola overlooks the bay in which de Luna first sailed into in 1559. Sadly, the first European settlement in North America did not last long. Within a year of landing here in 1559, a hurricane struck the area and destroyed much of the settlement. De Luna and his surviving party left the area. It would be decades before any other Europeans would come back to Pensacola.

We checked out the Five Flags overlooking Pensacola Bay. The flags represent the countries that have flown over the city of Pensacola in the past 453 years.

Eventually settlers did come back and Pensacola was once again on the map. Among the industries that helped bring Pensacola prosperity were red snapper fishing, and lumber harvesting. The live oaks cut from Pensacola were a major component of the vessels being built for the young United States of America naval forces.

Then with the invention of flying machines, Pensacola became known for it’s Naval Air Station where every aviator is trained at some point in their career. The world famous Blue Angles Flight Demonstration team calls Pensacola home. Derek has seen them so many times and he doesn’t ever get tired of them.